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Betsy is a RN, doula, childbirth educator and birth enthusiast. Betsy has given birth 6 times within the last 14 years in a variety of birth experiences including cesarean sections and VBAC’s. Her nursing experience has included over 18 years of caring for children and adults with varying developmental disabilities, including 3 adopted children. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, listening to podcasts, and taking long quiet baths.


After learning about labor and delivery in nursing school and attending births during clinicals, Betsy has always had an interest in maternal care. However, the birthing “fire” was lit in 2018 while preparing for her first VBAC. Once she dove in, there was no going back. Her desire is to make every birthing mother feel empowered to make her own choices. She loves hearing birth stories and enjoys helping women prepare for postpartum and their journey into motherhood.



Savannah is a mama of two (so far), wife, nurse, and now childbirth educator and doula. She is technically an Arizona native, but did spend her teen years enjoying the four seasons of Colorado before she moved back for college and to marry her highschool sweetheart.  In her nursing career, she has practiced in a variety of clinical settings with a background primarily in neuro, even though her heart longed to be with pregnant and birthing mamas. After experiencing two amazing unmedicated births in just a year and a half, she became ready to dive into something she could pour her heart and soul into: BIRTH!


Savannah is passionate about educating women and families to make informed decisions about their birth. Regardless of what people choose, she wants them to feel like they had the tools and information needed to make the best choices for their birth experiences. Birth is something that creates memories for life and the last thing it needs to be is traumatizing, isolating, or powerless. Savannah loves the entire process of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum and really desires to enter into those vulnerable spaces with women to serve, care for, and encourage. She sees herself as a calm and nurturing person who will carry people through the journey of bringing a precious life into this world by educating and empowering them to experience their best birth possible!

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